Why A Home Buyer Offer Is Not Accepted

Offers Rejected

Recently, I had a home buyer who came to me after working with a different real estate agent for a year and wondered why all his offers had been rejected and he still had no house.  Home prices were less than today’s prices so he lost a lot of money in a year’s time. When I asked the home buyer for some documentation he was surprised and said that the previous real estate agent didn’t make him give as much documentation as I did. He wondered if it was really necessary.

You can imagine what I said…Perhaps that’s the reason you never had your offers accepted! Just because a person gets their real estate license does not make them a REALTOR®.  Training by the Broker is essential for a new real estate agent to know what they should do and years of experience only helps to know many different real estate situations that come up.

Everyone has to have time to learn a job but good classes and an actively present real estate Broker whose job is to teach and oversee the real estate agents working for him/her makes for a better real estate agent. Which in turn makes for a much better experience home buyers have.

Are you a home buyer with offers rejected?  So, if you’re a home buyer who has been offering a competitive offering price and still haven’t been accepted in a year’s time, then it’s time to find a new real estate agent.  For those home buyers who have not offered competitive offers after seeing the CMA your REALTOR® gave you with their recommendation, then you have yourself to blame. If you are one of those home buyers, it’s time to wise up before you loose out as prices continue to climb.

What A Home Buyer Needs to Include With Offer

It’s important as a home buyer that you submit all documentation that verifies your ability to perform, meaning bank statements.  And yes, that means all the pages of the bank statement, not just the first page. Your Lender Approval letter is a must and it’s a good thing to have a local lender as well.

I hope this has helped the home buyers out there that are having trouble getting a house. By the way, the home buyer that worked with a different real estate agent for a year, just got accepted on his first offer he wrote with me and is having his home inspection, today!

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