What Home Buyers Want in a House for 2007

Subzero refrigIs your home for sale? Having trouble selling?

You might want to think about doing a few things to update your house.

Even little things can make a difference, especially to a Home Buyer who is out looking at all the homes on the market today. There are plenty for them to chose from so yours need to stand out above the rest!

The Home Buyer is looking for something that stands out from the rest of the houses for sale. PRICE is key make sure that your house is priced correctly.

Mark Nash, a Chicago area Realtor and author of Real Estate A-Z for Buying and Selling a Home, surveyed 900 real estate agents and Brokers to find out the latest trends of the Home Buyer .

Here are the 6 Hot Home Design Trends for 2007

  1. Bright colors, glossier finishes and grader statements
  2. Big Tumbled stone fireplaces are in, oversized mantels, long, glass pendant chandeliers
  3. Sub zero Refrigerator integrated into kitchen cabinets with pull out drawers
  4. Floors of slate or terra cotta, recycled wood from old barns and weathered metal and glass
  5. Luggage room to keep travel bags
  6. Second laundry room, one right in the master suite.

These are the Dont Dos that Home Buyers Dont Want:

  • Bowl type above counter bathroom sinks
  • Cut down on the glass door kitchen cabinets
  • Bar Counter Tops Must extend out a full 12 inches
  • Dont leave windows without molding
  • Dont use concrete block exterior walls in construction

More Home Trends

  • Home Buyers want Upscale Garages with cabinet and storage systems, matching refrigerators, air conditioning and residential looking flooring
  • Home Buyers want an additional room for projects or just a place to go chill
  • Rejuevenation rooms for exercising, meditating, yoga, sauna and fancy steam showers.
  • Heated patios, walkways and driveways (for those living in colder areas)
  • Snoring Room that is 12×12 in a master suite for the person who snores (you gotta love that one!)

Trends On their way OUT:

  • Spiral Staircases, too hard for Baby Boomers, children & pets
  • Bamboo Flooring, they warp and are easily scratched
  • Hardwood laminate flooring, cant handle multiple sandings, change color, stains are not easily removed.

Want to remodel? Here are some things to consider before remodeling:

  • One of the key elements when remodeling is to add 10% to the total budget for any miscalculations, or national disasters that would effect the pricing of a particular item.
  • Three bids are imperative for any remodel job. More than price, be sure to check on references so that the job will get done correctly and on time.
  • Be realistic when determining the final date of your project things will go wrong so be sure to allow ample time for delays.

The 3 elements of any remodel are cost, quality and time.

Who knows, after the remodel you may love your home all over again and decide to stay.


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    Hi Gena – I found this article extremely informative because of the differences in our markets (there are tons of similarities). Can I ask why not concrete block on exterior walls? or do you mean exposed concrete block with no stucco?

  2. says

    Ines, glad you found this interesting, as well. As far as the concrete block it is for the exterior walls. Buyers find them ugly and apparently they must be sealed every 3 years otherwise they leak and cause mold.

    Are you seeing the snoring rooms? I just love that one.

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    The national media would have you believe that housing markets all across the countryare in a tailspin. But remember, all real estate is local, and our market here is in much bettershape than those on the east and west coasts. Across Centre County, the housing market of2007 behaved very much like the housing market of 2006. A total of 1562 homes soldthrough the countywide multi-list in 2007, compared with an almost identical 1556 in 2006.Both of these totals are down slightly (2.5%) from the 1602 homes that sold in 2005 (thelast of the boom years). In the good news department, homes in the county sold for anaverage of $202,000 (up from $200,000 the year before and $190,000 in 2005). We areindeed fortunate – in many areas of the country homes are selling for LESS than they didthree years ago,


  1. […] According to the Sacramento Real Estate Voice, luxury home buyers want a second set of laundry room appliances. Apparently this trend is reaching Minnesota. Recently, I worked with a fellow who was looking for a Lake Minnetonka home with a second washer/dryer set right off of the master suite. […]

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