What Home Buyers Need to Know If You Want to Buy A House

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There are so many home buyers out there right now and very little inventory of homes for sale.  For a home buyer to take a day or two to think about whether or not they will write an offer means the home buyer is assured of NOT getting the home for sale.

Although cash is king, not paying the going rate on a house will not bring about the results you are looking for.  Highest offers win so low balling an offer just because you have cash, results in NOT getting the home you desire. The home seller is looking for the net amount in most cases.

Home Buyers need to be working with an experienced REALTOR® who knows the real estate market and what it takes to get a house.  In order to be the selected home buyer there is more than the offering price on the contract that will make a difference.

Sacramento real estate has turned the corner and as a home buyer if you are lagging behind, you will miss your opportunity which will result in paying even more later.

I’m already hearing home buyers say, “I’ve missed the opportunity when I could have gotten a house much cheaper.”  That’s true but what home buyers need to digest is that the longer you muddle through and aren’t aggressive with your offer, the higher the price will be later.  Values are only going upward so it’s best to get into the real estate market now, rather than later. Know the market and how to position yourself with the help of an experienced REALTOR®.

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