What Are The Safe Sacramento Neighborhoods To Live In

Safe Sacramento Neighborhoods

As a REALTOR® in Sacramento many times I get the question, where are the safe Sacramento neighborhoods? This seems like a logical real estate question and a question that many Sacramento home buyers who are moving to Sacramento have especially since those relocating don’t know the Sacramento neighborhoods.

This question is not one that a REALTOR® can answer since it violates our code of ethics and can be construed as “steering” home buyers toward or away from a certain community, neighborhood or city.

However, there are websites Sacramento home buyers can visit and place the address of the home for sale they are considering and check out the crime stats.  Since there have been many cuts made in the city and police departments, these websites may or may not be updated but this is the best we have to offer.

Crime Websites to Check Out Neighborhoods:

I always recommend that home buyers drive by the neighborhood they are considering buying a home on weekends and at night as well as talking to a few neighbors to double check and see if this is the area they would feel comfortable moving to.

And if you are wondering about the cost of  living in Sacramento compared to where you currently are living, check out Best Places.

Hope that helps all of the Sacramento home buyers who ask that real estate question, which is what are the safe neighborhoods.

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