Thanks To These Top Realtors On Sacramento Real Estate

Top Realtors Here on Sacramento Real Estate Voice

Over the past few weeks we have had top Realtors® visiting Sacramento Real Estate Voice and sharing their expertise and real estate market in Denver, Miami, San Diego, Tucson, Indianapolis and Clearwater.  I want to thank all of the Realtors who took the time to visit and share their real estate market, real estate tips and bit about them with you.  Here is a summary of what these top Realtors shared over the past couple of months.  Hope you enjoyed and learned something you didn’t already know about real estate.

Loved the living comparison chart Kristal Kraft a Realtor® in Denver shared with Sacramento. Kristal really nailed key aspects that are very important to consider when relocating to Denver. It can seem daunting to sell your home, get a new job, move and buy a home in a place you know very little about which is why we offer our relocation home sellers the best when we refer them to Kristal for their Denver move.

Ines Hegedus-Garcia Miami Beach Realtor® shared a very important real estate tip for all Sacramento home buyers about flipped homes for sale.  Ines gave 9 key points to look out for when buying an investor flipped home for sale.  We may not have hurricanes like Miami but these helpful buying flipped homes whether in Miami or Sacramento will certainly help the home buyer.

One thing’s for sure real estate is changing and the faces of real estate are changing. Roberta Murphy San Diego Realtor® is seeing more families buying homes in Carlsbad where extended families live together.  And yes, the kids are also moving back with mom and dad during these rough economic times.  In Sacramento I have had a few home buyers who made sure they purchased a home big enough to accommodate their aging parents moving in.

Dave Smith a Realtor® in Tucson showed us some of those mountain views in Tucson, AZ where location, location, location brings a better price for a home.  As we all know, location whether it’s mountain ranges, ocean front property or lake views of something pretty spectacular,  always brings more value to a home. Yes, those homes in El Dorado Hills overlooking the skyline of Sacramento will always bring a higher price than a home with the view of a neighbors house.

Short Sales is a real estate topic across the nation and Paula Henry an Indianapolis Realtor® gave some good short sale pointers that every homeowner facing a problem paying their house payment should read whether you live in Indianapolis or Sacramento.  Some myths about second lien holders in a short sale, Paula explained beautifully.

Cyndee Haydon a Clearwater, Florida Realtor® really nailed what market value is and how it affects the sale of a house.  Whether you have a home for sale in Clearwater Florida or Sacramento there are 3 very good reasons why a home seller needs to be priced correctly.  Chasing the market only helps home sellers get less for their home so pricing correctly the first time is key to selling your home.

It’s always nice to hear from other real estate voices especially when they are Realtors I refer my home buyers to and trust in their expertise to help Sacramento home buyers who are relocating.  As a Realtor ® in Sacramento I make it a point to get to know and communicate with top Realtors across the country so I am prepared when you need an expert in real estate.  As a home buyer, you deserve the best and the best is all I know.

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  1. says

    Gena, Thanks for inviting me to participate in this fun challenge. Our markets are similar yet different, still we all have on goal in mind, “to provide the best information for our customers so they can make decisions based on good data.”

    • Gena Riede says

      I loved your comparison of Denver to Sacramento as well as some key points to think about when relocating. Good information for all the Sacramento home buyers.

  2. says

    What an honor to be part of Sacramento Real Estate Voice!! Hopefully our readers got something from all the guest authors! thanks Gena.

    • Gena Riede says

      Thank you Ines for your contribution. You did a great job sharing and making home buyers aware of what is so very important when viewing flipped homes for sale. I think that was a great resource for all of the Sacramento home buyers and I thank you. Hoping the next time you come to Sacramento, you bring me one of your famous mojitos!

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