Should Home Buyers Pay For Home Inspection?

Home Buyer Tip

Just a quick video about home inspections for home buyers. Yes, it doesn’t matter if the home seller will make repairs or not, the home buyer needs to make sure they have a home inspection so that you can determine whether or not you want to buy the house based upon what is revealed at the home inspection. Also, it is a great way to get a viable list of items you as a new homeowner can fix over time.

The Skinny on Home Inspections

I thought if I kept the video short it might have a bigger impact on home buyers to get the important message that a home inspection is important and should be done. Sometimes new home buyers ask how much a home inspection is and typically the answer depends upon the house. For instance, how big the house is and whether or not it is on a slab foundation or a raised foundation. Raised foundations cost more and obviously a large home cost more than a smaller one.  A rule of thumb is, count on a minimum of $300 for under 1400 square feet.

Usually, the REALTOR® who represents you has a good referral for a home inspector since real estate agents see and read a lot of different home inspection reports and can offer you the name of a few good home inspectors to choose from.

Home inspections typically last at least 2 hours and I always ask my home buyers to attend. This is a good time to get acquainted with the house you intend on buying, take measurements if you like and think about where you will put your furniture.   It’s also a good time for you to ask the home inspector some questions you might have as well as the inspector pointing out different features of the home to you.  The home buyer will receive a copy of the home inspection report either at the end of the home inspection by some inspectors or by email the next day with photos taken of items the home inspector wants to bring to your attention.

Your REALTOR® will go over the home inspection report with you where you will be asked to pick the items of utmost importance to ask the home seller to fix or replace. Home sellers do not have to fix or replace anything but you, as the home buyer do not have to buy the house if the home seller refuses.  One of the things I’ve never quite understood or agree with is that the home seller doesn’t have to answer your request for repair.  My feeling is that everyone should communicate either so each party knows where the other stands.  A copy of the home inspection is sent to the home seller so they know what the home inspector found when inspecting the house.

I hope this helps home buyers to better understand home inspections. Give me a call if you are a home buyer who would like someone knowledgeable to help you buying a house.

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