Sacramento Videos For Homeowners

Updated: Videos for homeowners with real estate tips for saving money since so many are new first time homeowners in and around Sacramento

Sacramento Real Estate Broker, Gena Riede shares real estate tips in the following videos for homeowners to help maintain their homes and condos.  These real estate tips will help you save money on future repairs and answering some of your burning questions.

REALTOR® in Sacramento also shares video real estate tips for home buyers, home sellers and those relocating with neighborhood videos.

Homeowners Videos

Are You Thinking of Remodeling Your Home? – Before you remodel or have a handyman come to do work on your new home, be sure to watch this video…it will save you money in the end.

What 3 Things You Should Do For Your New Home – maintaining your new home is important, let’s start with 3 top ways to make sure you save yourself money down the line from repairs.

Real Estate Tip To Avoid Home Fire – bet you never thought of this…as a new homeowner be sure to watch this life saving real estate tip.

Washington Wants to Get Rid of Mortgage Interest Deduction – Very important real estate tip that every homeowner should watch and contact their representative before homeowners lose out on their home deductions.

Sacramento Homeowner Tip About Rain, Leaves and Gutters – Money saving real estate tip that every homeowner should read.

Another Money Saving Real Estate Tip From Sacramento Realtor – Don’t waste your money, watch this video first

Do You Know Someone Who Was Taken By Loan Modification Scams? – Help your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers to avoid these scams

Do You Like Home MortgageTax Deduction? It’s At Risk – Yes, they are after your mortgage interest tax deduction again in Washington.

Sacramento Homeowner Money Saving Tip – Great money saving tip especially if you need to remodel your home.

Real Estate Tip Helps Sacramento Homeowners Be Good Neighbors – Your yard could possibly be causing a problem with your neighbor.

Sacramento Reverse Mortgage Tip – Real Estate tip for seniors, baby boomers and relatives who have questions about a reverse mortgage.

Don’t Wait Till It Costs You MORE! This video shares an important homeowner tip about painting your home and keeping up with normal maintenance

Who Are The People in YOUR Neighborhood?  Video about how important your neighborhood looks and how you can help build your equity

Sacramento Homeowner and Home Buyer Yard Tip – Video for homeowners and home buyers real estate tip about the backyard

Money Saving Tip For Homeowners  Video helping homeowners save money by checking their gutters

Do You Want To Save Money? Video helping homeowners about what not have in your backyard, standing water

Kitchen Tip That Can Save You Money  Video to help homeowners with kitchen tip by installing money saving safety flood kit

Want to Know A Real Estate Tip to Save You Money? Video on what every homeowner should do to take care of their home.

Did You Check Your Property Tax Bill? Video for homeowners and how you should ALWAYS check your property tax bill…mistakes are made

New Homeowners Get Lien Notices – Video about how some new homeowners are getting lien notices when buying a bank owned, REO home

Double Check Your Property Taxes – Video of the importance that all homeowner should check their property taxes each year.  When a mistake is made unfortunately if not caught in time,  the state does not return your money.

Why is This Sacramento 1st Time Home Buyer Smiling? – Video of a new 1st Time homeowner in Sacramento

Steps for Sacramento Homeowners to File Home Warranty Claim – Now that you are a new homeowner, it is important to know just how to file a home warranty claim when something stops working in your new home.

Tip for Sprucing Up Your Home  Want to know a GREAT way to give your house a face lift?  Watch this video and take a look at the photos in the article to see how your home can look oh so beautiful.

Sacramento First Time Home Buyers Need to Know– With so many new homeowners this video is essential for you to watch and know what you MUST do in order for your home warranty plan to help pay for things that stop working in your new home. If you don’t follow this advice, your home warranty plan might not pay…so be sure and watch.

Be sure to check out Sacramento Realtor, Gena Riede for other Real Estate video for home buyers, home sellers, neighborhoods and more.

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