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Home Buyer Videos

Update: With the latest real estate tips for Sacramento home buyers with videos.

As your REALTOR® in Sacramento, I have compiled all the home buyer videos in one place below for easy access.

There is a short description for each of the videos listed and all you need to do is click on the link to the video of your choice.
When you become a homeowner, be sure to watch the homeowner video tips to help you maintain your new home.

And when you get ready to sell your home there are home seller tips compiled for the home seller.

For those home buyers relocating to the Sacramento area or those curious about some of the Sacramento neighborhoods,  there is another video list of highlighted neighborhoods.

There is a real estate tip for every home buyer…just click on a link below to view the video of your choice.

Home Buyer Videos

3 Top Reasons Why Home Buyers Fall Out – Want to know why 45% of  home buyers who were buying a house didn’t get the house in the end?

Sacramento Renter This Is For You! – Check out why you don’t want to rent and want to buy your own home.

REALTOR® in Sacramento Talks About Referrals – why a home buyer should seriously consider who their REALTOR® recommends.

REALTOR® Explains Real Estate Terms for Home Buyers – sometimes real estate terms are confusing, check this out so you can eliminate the stress of not knowing what you should be looking for and what it means in real estate.

Home buyer Asks What Are CC & Rs? – Home buyers, do you know what CC & R’s are and if it’s important to read them?

Home Buyers Need to Jump Off the Fence – Shocking interest rate is a major reason why home buyers should jump off and consider buying a house, then there are the incredible prices plus more!

First Time Home Buyers Don’t Miss This – Check out how much it costs to rent in the same neighborhood as buying a house.

Important Information for Sacramento Home Buyers – Money saving and stress saving tip for all home buyers.

Sacramento Home Buyers Need to Know – How to save money and what to look for when looking at homes for sale.

What Condition Will A short Sale House Be Left? – Yes, the Short Sale seller signs a Short Sale Addendum when their home is listed for sale that they will maintain the home and give it in good condition.

Sacramento 1st Time Home Buyer Breaking News – 203 K program for home buyers is here to help when you are buying a house that needs a lot of work and if the work weren’t done your lender wouldn’t allow you to buy

This Sacramento Realtor Loves Giving Keys to Home Buyers! – Nothing better for a Realtor than giving those keys to the home buyers!

Big Tip for All Sacramento Home Buyers – Home buyer getting insurance should  refer all questions to the Realtor

Sacramento Real Estate Tip for All Cash Buyers – Are you a Cash Buyer, don’t make the same mistake many of them do.

Sacramento Home Buyers Always Ask This Question – Wish I had a dollar for every time a home buyer asked this question

How To Help Get Your Short Sale Offer Accepted, Sacramento Home Buyers – Make sure to watch and read this if you want to have a better chance getting your short sale offer accepted.

Horse Property For Sale in Wilton – a quick view of Wilton, CA a place where you can have a horse

Check Out Natomas Just 5 Minutes From Downtown Sacramento – check out a gated community in Natomas

Home Prices Going Down in Sacramento? If you heard on the news that prices are down in Sacramento real estate, you might want to watch this video

Sacramento Real Estate Hit Bottom? – Sacramento Realtor gives her thoughts on whether Sacramento real estate has hit bottom.

Sacramento Home Buyers Can Save Money Tip – Sacramento Realtor shares with home buyers a real estate tip that can either cost you money or SAVE you money and heartache.

Open House in Elk Grove – how some home buyers waste their time and money and what makes for a SMART home buyer.

4 Critical Items to Check BEFORE Buying A House – Video for all home buyers explaining the importance of a Pest Inspection and what a Pest Inspection includes.

Sacramento Realtor Gives BEST Real Estate Tip – Video for homebuyers explaining why now is an excellent time to buy a house

Should A Home Buyer Have A Home Inspection? Watch the video and see the 2 reasons why every homebuyer should have a home inspection.

Are YOU Throwing Away $10,000?   Video for home buyers reminding them of the CA 1st time home buyer tax credit of $10,000

Do You Know What Home Buyers MUST Have? This video talks about home insurance

What Makes A Good Home Buyer? Video shares who is a serious home buyer that has seen a lender

Choose YOUR Realtor Wisely  A video helping both home buyers and home sellers to understand the  importance of making good choices when choosing a Realtor

Sacramento Homeowner and Home Buyer Yard Tip – Video for homeowners and home buyers real estate tip about the backyard

Sacramento Home Buyers Need to Check Out Neighborhoods Video about how important a neighborhood is and what to check out.

Number 1 Question Home Buyers Ask  Video about when a home buyer gets their keys to their new home

Exciting NEWS For Home Buyers!  Video about home buyers getting a break with FHA, only have to put down 3.5% and the Federal tax credit.

New Home Buyer Requirements Hurt Home Buyers Video about the difficulty sometimes FHA home buyers have getting their loan

Are Banks Discriminating Against VA Homebuyers?  Video with VA home buyers who are sick and tired of not being accepted on contracts due to them getting a VA loan

Big Tip for New First Time Homebuyers  Video for home buyers when writing offers on homes for sale

A Home Buyer MUST Do! Video about all the things a home buyer should check out BEFORE buying a home or condo

Short Sales Are NOT Short  Video explaining Short Sales for home buyers

Number 1 Key to Success Video to help home buyers have a successful experience buying a home or condo.

Sacramento Home Buyers Having Hard Time Getting Accepted Video sharing how many homes are for sale and how difficult home buyers are having getting their offers accepted.

If You Are A Homebuyer, Do You Know the 90 Day Rule?  Video explaining the 90 day Flip rule and what it means for the home buyer

Sacramento Home Buyer Real Estate Questions Video about home buyer deposit checks and what is single agency and dual agency Home Buyers Have You Checked Your Realtor’s License Video about how important it is to check and make sure your Realtor has a license and where to check it out

Sacramento Short Sale Tip Video giving  Short Sale Tip for all the home buyers writing offers and the mindset you need to have

Real Estate Tip for Sacramento Home Buyer Video about disclosures you receive when as a home buyer your offer is accepted and contingencies.

Tip for Sacramento Real Estate Home Buyers – Video about real estate in Sacramento and what banks are charging home buyers on their acceptance and what this means for home buyers

Sacramento Home Buyers Need Pest Inspections – Video on the importance of a Pest Inspection for all home buyers buying a house or condo

Who PAYs the Realtor? Video explaining who pays for the Realtor to help you, the home buyer

You Can’t Be A Toast Watcher and Buy A Short Sale Video explaining Short Sales and the process of a Short Sale

Home Buyers Protect Your Rights-Sign Petition – Video on what HVCC has done to the home buyers

What Every Home Buyer Must Do – Video explaining Good Faith Deposit Checks and how much money a home buyer needs when making an offer on a house or condo

What Gives A Home Buyer Peace of Mind? – Video about Home Warranty and why it is so important

Sacramento Short Sales & MORE $$$ for Home Buyers – Video about Federal tax credit and the moratorium on Foreclosures and how Short Sales will be taking over the real estate market

Home Buyer Etiquette – Video that every home buyer needs to watch that explains when to call a Realtor

Don’t Buy a House BEFORE you Do This – Video for home buyers thinking of buying a house or condo and what you need to do BEFORE you ever decide on a neighborhood.

Roseville Real Estate Chit Chat – Video explaining market statistics and how those numbers may be helpful when thinking of purchasing a house or condo

Why Home Buyers End Up With No House – Video that every home buyer should listen to that explains why some home buyer that were approved for a loan ended up not getting their loan and how to avoid that

1st Time Home Buyer Talks About Buying Foreclosed Home – Video of a Natomas home buyer who just had her home inspection on her bank owned home and how she qualified for the First Time Home Buyer tax credit.

Who Is A First Time Home Buyer – Video explaining who is a 1st Time Home Buyer…you will be surprised at who is considered a First Time Home Buyer

Home Buying in Sacramento – Video explaining what happens next when a home buyer gets their offer accepted

Sacramento Home Buyer Tip – Video explaining multiple offers and how you as a home buyer needs to be properly prepared so your offer is accepted

Sacramento Home Buyers Need Home Inspections – Video explaining the importance of a home inspection whether it is a bank owned home, a Short Sale, a traditional home sale or a new builder home.

Want to Buy a House and Get $18,000? – Video detailing the $18,000 Home Buyer tax credit

Sacramento Realtor Shares Home Buyer Tip – Video about how important it is for all home buyers to get PreApproved by a Lender BEFORE looking at homes for sale

How To Have Peace of Mind When Buying a Home – Video explaining why it is important to have a home inspection

Two Very Lucky Home Buyers in Roseville CA – Video of two First Time Homebuyers at Title while signing their documents and the escrow officer explaining the different ways a home buyer can take Title

Elk Grove CA Real Estate – Video about a bank owned home a home buyer bought

Sacramento Condo Buyer for Sac State – Video about parents buying a condo for their son who attends Sac State

Sacramento Bank Owned REO Homes For Sale – Video about bank owned homes requesting home buyers be PreApproved by your own Lender and their Lender

Sacramento Home Buyer Finally Gets His House – Video about a bank owned  Curtis Park home & the buyer gets his key

Sacramento Realtor Talks About First Time Home Buyer – Video about foreclosed, bank owned homes and some banks not accepting offers when home buyers ask for assistance in closing costs

Why Home Buyers Should Get a Home Warranty – Video interview of Yvonne Nelson from Fidelity National Home Warranty who tells you which 2 items break down the most in a home or condo

Roseville is Tops for Many Home Buyers – check out this video and see why many home buyers chose Roseville as their next home.

Home Buyers Ask What is PMI? – Do you know what PMI is?  Before you buy a house make sure you understand what PMI is and how to get rid of it.

Foreclosed Homes Sometimes Have Unexpected Costs – If you are thinking of buying a foreclosed home be sure to watch this video and find out what you need to know BEFORE you buy a foreclosed home for sale.

How Much Money Do Home Buyers Need to Buy A House?  If you are a Sacramento home buyer you should know how much money you need to have in order to buy a house in today’s real estate market.  Gena Riede helps her home buyers so they always know how much it will cost to buy a house for sale.

Investor Questions About Home Warranty – If you are an Sacramento investor you need to watch this video and see if a home warranty plan is a good investment for you.

Sacramento First Time Home Buyers Need to Know – if you are a 1st Time Home Buyer you need to watch this video so you know what your responsibilities are in order for your home warranty to work for you and pay in case something stops  working in your new home.

These videos are for home buyers and more will be added to help homebuyers who are thinking of buying a house or a condo in and around the Sacramento area.  As a Sacramento Realtor, I am always here to help answer your questions.

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