Sacramento Home Seller Video Tips

Sacramento Home Seller Videos

Updated: Sacramento Home seller video real estate tips have been updated with the latest selling tips for this REALTOR® in Sacramento. Check them all out below.

Below are video links for Sacramento home sellers. These real estate videos are designed to help home sellers with real estate tips from Sacramento Realtor ®, Gena Riede

There are real estate video tips for home buyers, relocating tips with neighborhood videos and homeowner real estate tips, as well.

Home Seller Videos  (Click video links below)

Are You Thinking of Remodeling Your Home? – Before remodeling or hiring a contractor be sure to watch this real estate video and save some money and anguish!

Get Your Short Sale NOW before Law Leaves YOU at Risk – Law on the books for Short Sale relief  is soon to sunset so if you are having trouble paying your house payment this is the time to get your house up for sale as a short sale

How A Short Sale Can Help You – Do you know about SB 458? A short sale for most home sellers is better than letting the house go to foreclosure.

What condition Will A Short Sale House Be Left? – the Short Sale Addendum a home seller signs is very clear on how the house will be left and turned over to the home buyer

Do You Like Home MortgageTax Deduction? It’s At Risk – Every year at budget time, your mortgage interest tax deduction is on the chopping block.

What Condition Will A Short Sale House Be Left? Explanation on how what condition the house is to be left by the Short Sale seller for the home buyer

Sacramento Short Sale Sellers This Is For YOU – All homeowners having trouble paying your house payment, need to watch this video.

Help For Sacramento Short Sale Sellers– Short sale sellers and the questions they have during a very stressful time.

Real Estate Tip to Help Sell Your Home For Sale – I supplied photos of before and after…have you looked at yours lately?

Sacramento Short Sale Sellers Are Important – Yes, you are and don’t forget it. Make sure you hire a Realtor that knows it, too.

Sacramento Real Estate Hit Bottom? – Sacramento Realtor shares her thoughts and why she thinks we are very close to the bottom of the real estate market.

Sacramento Short Sale Sellers Shocked – What everyone who has their home for sale should know.

Sacramento Short Sale Tip – Video for Distressed homeowners who are having trouble paying their house payment and what important bills to make sure you stay current on.

Choose YOUR Realtor Wisely  A video helping both home buyers and home sellers to understand the  importance of making good choices when choosing a Realtor

Sacramento Homeowner and Home Buyer Yard Tip – Video for homeowners and home buyers real estate tip about the backyard

Showing Homes For Sale in Folsom CA  Video for home seller about including more information on MLS and how home sellers should be proofing what their Realtor has put into the MLS

Sacramento Realtor in Greenhaven With Seller Tip  Video taken in Greenhaven, The Pocket area sharing a real estate tip on selling your home.  The neighborhood is what the home buyer is looking at.

Early Bird Gets $10K Tax Credit So HURRY  Video regarding the $10,000 State Tax Credit

What Every Short Sale Seller Should Know  Video for Short Sale sellers about tax implications

Sacramento Short Sale Agent Helps Home Sellers  Video sharing how this Sacramento Realtor is now a CDPE, Certified Distressed Property Expert helping homeowners having trouble paying their mortgage payment to avoid foreclosure by selling as a Short Sale

Before You List Your House For Sale – Video for all home sellers about what you should do BEFORE you list your home for sale with a Realtor. Have you Googled your Realtor’s name?

Is A Short Sale Different When It’s A Rental? Video for investment properties where an investor needs to sell as a Short Sale

Sacramento Reverse Mortgage Tip  This video will help answer some questions about Sacramento Reverse Mortgages and give you and your loved one information that you need to know.

Sacramento Short Sale Tip  If you are having trouble paying your house payment you might qualify for a Short Sale which most times is better than Foreclosure.  There is important information you need to know that could jepordize your Short Sale so make sure you listen to Sacramento Short Sale agent and find out what it is.

Good News For Some Sacramento Short Sales – If you are thinking about a Short Sale be sure to watch this video and see if it applies to you. Sacramento Short Sale agent shares very important information about a new bill that was signed to help Short Sale and Foreclosed homeowners but it doesn’t apply to everyone.

Tip for Sprucing Up Your Home – Want to know one of the many ways to give your home a face lift? Check out this video and check out the photos Gena Riede, Sacramento Realtor shows you to help make your home shine and if your home is for sale, this will help sell your home.

Steps for Sacramento Homeowners to File Home Warranty Claim – This video is so important in order to know how to file a claim with your home warranty when something stops working at your Sacramento home.

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Sacramento Home Seller Video Tips

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