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We have a new REALTOR® and member of the real estate team at Riede Real Estate. I would like you to meet, Lachlan MacIntyre.  Lachlan comes to us recently from New York and across the ocean, Scotland.

Lachlan is ready to help both home buyers with the purchase of a home and selling houses for the home sellers throughout the Sacramento area.  One thing Lachlan is very good at, is listening to home buyers and home sellers.  You can count on Lachlan to know what is important to you, as a home buyer and home seller here at Riede Real Estate.

Riede Real Estate

If you are a home buyer and need a Lender Approval letter, Lachlan will give you an excellent referral so you can get started finding your next home.  It’s a great time to buy a house with low interest rates. Lachlan has a team of experts working with him to make sure your home transaction runs smoothly. And the team at Riede Real Estate is ready to help you.

 This REALTOR® in Sacramento puts his clients first and ego last so give him a call at 916.741.9571 or email Lachlan.  And go by and say hello at his website, Lachlan Homes.com.

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