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As a REALTOR® in Sacramento I share with all my home buyers how important it is to be a good neighbor.

Taking care of your home and yard is paramount not only to protect your own asset, your home but also in maintaining the neighborhood and the values of the houses on your street.

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We have all seen foreclosed homes in our neighborhoods during these trying real estate years and they bring a blithe & reduce everyone’s home value. Un-mowed grass, burned up grass, trash, homes in need of paint and repair…we have all seen it and lived through it!  Whether it was a $100,000 home or a million dollar home, every neighborhood has had its fair share of foreclosed homes.

In this photo, you see one neighbor who takes care of their lawn and the other neighbor doesn’t.  You might say to yourself, what difference does it make?  Being a good neighbor in your neighborhood is very important.  It makes living next door to each other so much nicer when everyone tries their best to be a good neighbor.

In fact, when as a REALTOR® I drive through a neighborhood & see a lawn burned up, immediately I think the homeowners are not paying their house payment and soon will be losing their house. But, sometimes those burned up lawns are unfortunately from a homeowner who just doesn’t care.

Not only is a dried up lawn an eye sore in a neighborhood that drives prices downward but it also blows weed seeds to the other neighbor’s lawns. So, I am asking those homeowners out there who either don’t mind burnt up lawns & those who actually are having financial hardships to be a good neighbor and take care of where you currently live for all your neighbors’s sake and your own sense of pride.

We all need to be better neighbors!  Do you have a neighbor story you would like to share?

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  1. says

    It’s so important to be a good neighbor. You nailed that. In addition to foreclosure, when lawns are not mowed or have died, it’s sometimes a sign of neighbors having given up on the community. Blight. Other times it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs attention. Sometimes it’s older age and people simply need help. Other times there is some other physical limitation, household difficulty or a lack of knowledge about sprinklers. Ultimately, whatever the reason, these are great opportunities for neighbors to come together to help each other if a neighbor is really in need. A simple knock on the door to say, “I noticed your lawn is brown. What’s going on? Do you need some help?” can be very powerful. Thanks for the post, Gena.

    • Gena Riede says

      Absolutely! So important to realize and ask yourself, “what impact am I making on others around me?”

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