Protection for Home Sellers and Home Buyers

In real estate how can  home sellers and home buyers be protected?  Watch the video below and find out the real estate scoop about protection in real estate for both parties.

Did you know the answer to that real estate question before you listened to the video about Fidelity National Home Warranty?

Sometimes, my home buyers ask if a home warranty is something they have after the 1st year and the answer is, yes.  Anyone can get a home warranty on their home or condo including investors.  Typically, the home seller pays for a home buyer’s home warranty.  I always recommend to my home sellers to pay for a home warranty for the home buyer.

You never know when that dishwasher, stove or plumbing fixture decides to break and what peace of mind it is to a new homeowner knowing the item will be fixed or replaced.  There are so many expenses when moving into a new house, and having a home warranty takes away the stress of worrying if something stops working.

In the case of a short sale or bank owned property, the home buyer will need to pay for this expense at the time of closing.  Better to pay at closing than pay later when things break down.

As a Sacramento REALTOR® I have a home warranty on my home and I can honestly say, that it has paid for itself over and over again.  I definitely recommend a home warranty whether buying a home, or if you’ve been in your house for several years.

Give me a call at Riede Real Estate whether you are interested in listing your house for sale or need to buy a house.  We are hear to help you.

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