Important For Real Estate Brokers To Train Real Estate Agents

picture of Gena RiedeIt is imperative that real estate brokers train real estate agents! As a real estate broker, Gena Riede takes her job very seriously when hiring real estate agents.  Just because an agent took a few courses and passed the real estate exam does not mean they understand the importance, seriousness and execution of being a REALTOR®.  It is the duty of every real estate broker to properly train the new real estate agents they hire before setting them off to handle real estate transactions for home buyers and home sellers.

When a Home Seller Hires a REALTOR®

When a home seller hires a REALTOR® they need to know their transaction will be done correctly.  The paperwork has all been filled out, the negotiations have spelled out each detail precisely and nothing has been left to chance or mistake.  Mistakes in real estate are costly.  We are dealing with the most amount of money an individual will transfer in their life time and it’s important to do it right.  It’s vital to be properly trained.

There are so many absentee real estate brokers and this, in Gena’s opinion does not serve the agents working for them nor home buyers or home sellers.  It’s a lot of work to train new agents but in the long run, we all benefit with more competency in the real estate profession.  Yes, it takes time and time is money but Gena Riede believes training real estate agents is a necessity.

Back in the day, brokerages initialed each page of a contract as they were being executed and now, this does not appear to be happening.  There was a reason for initialing and overseeing a real estate agent’s contracts, mistakes were caught before the mistakes were insurmountable. There are excellent classes and webinars for new real estate agents to attend but these are supplemental to the Broker’s training not in lieu of Broker training.

“I remember years ago my first real estate Broker who was an excellent trainer, said, “if you leave before 3 years, you owe me $3000 for training.” A proper real estate Broker who trains real estate agents has invested his/her time to better the real estate industry and worth every penny.

Do you work for a real estate Broker who trains? Are you working with a real estate agent who has a real estate Broker who provides training?  Is your real estate Broker absentee? It is important to train real estate agents!

Riede Real Estate

At Riede Real Estate, we don’t leave things up to chance…we are trained, experienced and proactive.  We are ready to list your house and professionally sell your home?  There is a reason Gena Riede received the 2013 Sacramento Five Star Home Professional award.  This award was voted on by home buyers and home sellers Gena worked with…nothing better than an award given for the right reason!


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