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Spring to Home Sellers means preparing their houses for Home Buyers, the 101 home seller guide for success. Sacramento has been enjoying Spring like weather so it’s hard to believe it’s not Spring by the calendar, yet. Homeowners have been busy cleaning up yards, gutters and checking around the house for any water leaks. 

Some of Sacramento homeowners are preparing to list their house and know how important that first impression is for a home buyer when they drive by a house for sale.  Yard clean-up, fresh flowers are all very inviting for a prospective new home buyer. Nothing says Spring better than sprucing up the yard! Soon to-be home sellers are dressing the outside of their homes for all the home buyers who will come.  Dressing for success would be my best home seller guide tip!!

Inventory has been at a record low but with Spring we will see a spring in the homeowners step to call this Sacramento REALTOR® and list their home for sale.  I know of two Elk Grove homeowners right now whose homes will be coming on the market in the next two months. These homeowners are springing forwarded and preparing their houses so they shine for the home buyers actively looking for an exceptional home to hit the market.

As an Elk Grove REALTOR® I help guide home sellers in preparing their homes for the market and give a very detailed market analysis as well as how I plan to market their home for sale. Having a good negotiator on your side is key along with a healthy amount of experience and know how.  Have you Googled your real estate agent’s name?  How many pages did you find?  Check out the 5 real estate tips on hiring a REALTOR®. The real estate agent who has a presence on the Internet will certainly be able to expose your home for sale to the greatest amount of home buyers.  And we all know, the more exposure, the more offers.  The more offers a home seller receives, the more potentially, the seller will net.

I’m here to help, so if you have a house you would like to sell, give me a call and let’s talk.

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