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Home StagingToday, I’d like to welcome one of Sacramento’s Best Home Stagers to Sacramento Real Estate Voice.

I am pleased to introduce Lori Kim Polk founder and Lead Designer of Artful Journey Designs and Staging.

I think you will see through her writing the importance of home staging now more than ever. Without further adieu…Here’s Lori…

Home Staging to Real Estate is like frosting on the cake. You dont have to have it, but the cake is OHHHH so much better with it. And the cake sells for more money and quicker too. Funny analogy sure, but actually pretty accurate.

Home staging has gone from a home based business, hobby for some, part time for others, to a legitimate industry. While it has done so, the savvy professional home stager who has a viable business has tools in their arsenal that will make the difference in that sale.

What do I mean? Well, first review the portfolio of the stager you are considering. Does their furniture and accessory package look the same in more than one of their home examples? Do they do the same style without regard for the architecture and style of your home? The professional home stager is fluent in home styles, architecture, decorating styles and demographics for your home before they choose a staging plan for your home.

The professional home stager would not send a bid without having seen your home, just like a Realtor should not give you a price without seeing the nuances of your home and how it compares to the comparable sales. When the professional home stager has done their work with the style, architecture and personality of your home in mind, then the buyer that is drawn to see more. They are not disappointed when they come inside as the interior is what they expect and FITS your home and its architecture.

There are subtle decisions made in the blink of an eye when things are congruent, those decisions are favorable to your sale, when they are off the staging could be nice, but it doesnt quite feel right to the buyer and they dont know why. Often they just dont buy it.

You wouldnt use a hobby dentist, a hobby Realtor as you want their professionalism, experience and marketing knowledge. It costs you no more to have those qualities in a professional home stager. In fact, youve probably seen those homes for sale that have not sold and were staged a second time and then sold? Well, the professional home stager that has studied and applied the tools of their profession knows what to do to make that difference. The home could have a great cake mix of structure but, Professional Home Staging is the icing on the cake for a SALE.

You heard it straight from a Professional Home Stager. Thank you, Lori.

Sellers, please remember that the home buyers are discriminating in their choices of homes. There are a lot of homes on the real estate market for sale, yours needs to be frosted.

If you would like to contact Lori Polk for an evaluation of your home to be staged, her information is below and I highly recommend Lori.

Lori Kim Polk is the Founder and Lead Designer of Artful Journey Designs and Staging, a full service Home Staging and Design company located in Roseville, California. We proudly service Granite Bay, Rocklin, Lincoln, Sacramento and surrounding areas. Call us today at 916-300-0402 for our premier services.

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  1. says

    As always, Lori is right on with her wisdom and knowledge of the trends not only today but can tell you what is coming and be there so that you can be there ahead of the rest. She is a consummate professional and an asset to any Realtor Team and every homeowner she serves. Lori understands that good staging compliments your home, and she does not stage each house similarly like so many stagers because thats the only inventory they have in their warehouse. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Lori is the seller’s edge.

  2. says

    Home staging will set your home apart in the sea of For Sale.
    Why try the rest when you can have the best? Lori Kim is a leader in the industry and knows what it takes to set your home apart and above the others.

  3. says

    Love the frosting analogy! Wise words of wisdom and advice from an expert in the field of Home Staging. Lori Kim Polk is a fabulous asset to your home selling team!

  4. Gena Riede says

    Thank you for coming over and supporting Lori. She does do a great job as a home stager.

  5. says

    Wow Gena! Love the picture you chose. Thank you so much for allowing me to express the need for home staging in this fabulous informational site, Sacramento Real Estate Voice. Whether a down market or up market, home staging helps sellers sell their home for more money and in less time. With a savvy agent like you, a professional home stager like me, and a serious seller… WE WILL GET THE HOME SOLD! All the best to you.

  6. Gena Riede says

    Glad you liked the photo. I thought it was very eye appealing and just as you are frosting to the house so is this scrumptious decadent desert.

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Feel free to come on over and write again. My readers would love to see some before and after photos from you, next time.

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