Hire Riede Real Estate to Sell Your House

Selling your house for more money usually requires a well maintained home.

Reasons why home sellers should hire Riede Real Estate to sell your house. We have the experience and the knowledge to bring you the highest results and a stress free experience.

Whether it’s a flame throwing real estate market like we have right now or a slow but steady market, homes that have been well maintained always sell for more money than a house that has not been well maintained.

Home sellers who update the kitchen, the bathrooms, flooring and windows can count on more return of their money than home sellers who have roofs in need of replacement, carpet that shows stains and age, bathrooms where no one wants to take a bath and kitchens where appliances need to be updated.

As an experience long time established REALTOR® in Sacramento our home sellers and home buyers are the key to our success. You can count on Riede Real Estate.

At Riede Real Estate we are ready to help you position your home to get the most money in the neighborhood and showcase your house on the Internet along with experienced negotiations where as we always say, “experience doesn’t cost you more…it pays.”

Check out what some of our past home buyers and home sellers have to say about Gena Riede and Riede Real Estate.

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