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Getting your PreApproval letter BEFORE seeing homes for sale is mandatory if you work with me.  I only work with home buyers who are serious about buying a house.  Being properly prepared and informed is essential for every home buyer, especially First time home buyers! Home sellers do not want home buyers looking at their house for sale if they haven’t bothered to do the preliminary step of talking with a lender and getting all the proper documents together. An experienced REALTOR® can give home buyers recommendations for lenders who their buyers have worked with and have done a good job for the home buyer.

Recently, I had the privilege of working with first time home buyers who recently bought a home in West Sacramento.  They listened intently and learned what it took to get a house in today’s fast moving, multiple offer real estate climate. Multiple offers are happening in almost every city and neighborhood in the Sacramento area. It’s important as a home buyer that you fully understand the real estate market so you can be successfully in having your offer accepted by the home seller and eventually move into a home of your own.

Want to Buy A House?

If you would like to work with a Sacramento REALTOR® who is successful working with first time home buyers, then shoot me an email or pick up the phone and let’s talk.  I love working with 1st Time Home Buyers! There is a lot to learn and I’m eager to share so that you can get your offer accepted and become a responsible first time homeowner.

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