Elk Grove Promenade Shopping Mall Update

Elk Grove PromenadeLast night at Elk Grove City Hall, the Developer, General Growth presented Elk Grove Promenade to those residents attending. For those who were unable to attend…here is what you missed.


Macy’s is one of the key stores in the Open-air Promenade Mall along with Barnes & Noble and Cinemark Theaters. Other “major” stores will be announced later as soon as General Growth secures contracts with the remaining stores.  The Elk Grove Promenade will be 1.1 million square feet on 107 acres. There will be 120 stores besides the 3–4 “major” stores.


The drawing above is a sketch of the Elk Grove Promenade handed out by the Developers last night. Click on upper photo to get a larger view. The main entrance will be off Bilby Rd (which will connect to highway 5) and Promenade Parkway.


  • Areas in green are the “major” stores
  • Areas in blue are big box (very bad term to use here in Elk Grove
  • Areas in brown are restaurants
  • Area in red is theater (largest red area)
  • Area in red is food court (smaller red areas)


Upper end stores were discussed but the demographics of the area, according to the General Growth, does not warrant upper-end stores.


The developer’s staff stated several times in the presentation there will be “continuous overhang for shade and rain protection.”  However, the handout that was given to each attendee, states “partial coverings.”


The Promenade will have a street running through the center (hence the name-Promenade) of the Promenade Mall with limited diagonal parking. It became apparent in the presentation that this is a prerequisite of store owners. There is ample parking on the exterior sides of the stores.


The outer portion of the Elk Grove Promenade Shopping Mall will have a circular drive to bypass the interior driving area known as the Promenade which runs in the center.


After General Growth’s 3 point presentation, cards from the audience with their questions were addressed. Here are a few of the questions and answers:


  1. Will there be misters – not at first but possibly later
  2. Additional Parking with 4th “major” store added later – deck parking will be added later when needed.
  3. Safety & Teenage cruising – General Growth has security measures in hand and this won’t be an issue
  4. Why Palm Trees & not local trees – Stores don’t want their store fronts hidden by trees & Palms serve that need
  5. Why pick this modern design vs more to Elk Grove look – there is no continuous look for Elk Grove and this look will bring Elk Grove into the future with its modern design
  6. Has Developer questioned past Open-air shopping malls to find out what they would change in their malls – NEVER ADDRESSED
  7. Is Target one of the other stores coming and if so, why? – Macy’s likes Target and those that shop at Macys also shop at Target
  8. What type of Restaurants will there be? – Some that will be their second time here and some new ones that are exciting from souther CA, Bay Area and out of the area
  9. Will there be music – yes, through out the mall and when you enter
  10. Will it be pedestrian & bike friendly – yes



Four Elk Grove citizen focus groups (consisting of 20–25 people in each group) have been meeting with the Developer during this process to come up with what Elk Grove wants and needs in a shopping mall. These focus groups consisted of two groups who were Elk Grove residents living in Elk Grove 5 years or more as well as two groups of new comers to Elk Grove.


There were many items not discussed during the presentation by the Developer which I found on General Growth’s website.   


All of the City Council members at one time or another made an appearance to listen to the presentation by General Growth Developer.


General Growth will be presenting the Elk Grove Promenade to the Elk Grove Planning Commission on May 21, 2007 and if approved plan to open the Elk Grove Promenade by October 8, 2007.

If you haven’t seen the video of what the Elk Grove, CA Promenade will look like when finished, be sure to click on Elk Grove Promenade Video

For an update of the Elk Grove, CA Promenade Mall be sure to check out the official website, Elk Grove Promenade.

According to the October 3,2008 Business Week article, General Growth Properties Staggers Under Debt Load, the developer General Growth Properties may be in serious trouble financially.

As the number 2 shopping mall company, stocks plunged and debt has skyrocketed. This giant will either be sold, parceled out or plead with the lenders for credit extensions. Either way, this is not good news for the Elk Grove Promenade Mall which has been set back several times, now.




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  1. says

    It is now 2009. Is this Mall ever going to open? I drive by ofen and I have not seen anyone one working on this Mall for quite awhile.
    I do hope they do. I am so looking forward to this Mall. Esther Espinoza

  2. Gena Riede says

    It’s really sad isn’t it? No work going on there…hopefully, when the economy improves we will all start seeing the work commence.

    • says

      Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know and hope I continue to help bring useful information to help both home buyers and home sellers.

  3. Elizabeth Bailey says

    I live across the highway 99 just a couple of months ago I noticed a crane at the north end of the mall. Now a building going up What is it going to be? Happy to see some life coming back to that area.

    • Gena Riede says

      Hi Elizabeth, I’m afraid that what you are seeing is the Kaiser Medical Office Building under construction. There are no plans in the making for the Promenade Mall to begin again.

    • Gena Riede says

      It seems that it’s a Kaiser building. Unfortunately it will be a while before Elk Grove sees any building for the mall.


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