Doyle Ranch Homes in Roseville CA

A new home buyer is looking for a home at Doyle Ranch in Roseville, CA. When taking a look at the homes for sale at Doyle Ranch unfortunately I only found one house for sale as a short sale and it had an accepted offer so the status is “Contingent.” At this point the home seller’s bank will be the final say, as to whether or not the short sale will be accepted.

As a REALTOR® I showcase homes in subdivisions for home buyers and home sellers wanting to buy or sell in specific neighborhoods on Sacramento Real Estate Neighborhoods.  Keep your eye on Doyle Ranch for newest homes for sale when they are available.  Doing my best to bring you the homes for sale in the neighborhoods you want.  I only ask that you contact me at 916-417-2699 when you are ready to buy or sell your home as your REALTOR®.

In the meantime, the home buyer will need to wait until there is another home for sale at Doyle Ranch in Roseville.

There is a little history about Doyle Ranch which is named after John Doyle who was a farmer and stock raiser back in the 1860’s who continued adding land to his portfolio since he believed in what Roseville could become as others were leaving and selling their land during the bad times of 1890’s. Roseville square was part of the Doyle Ranch at one time.  In fact, John Doyle bought the Odd Fellows Building on Pacific Street from J.D. Pratt for ten dollars.  Unfortunately, John Doyle didn’t live long enough to see the growth that took place in Roseville but he certainly was right…Roseville had a lot of potential.

So, for those living in Doyle Ranch in Roseville, CA you have a bit of history living on land originally owned by John Doyle.

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