Can’t Get Your Offer Accepted By The Home Seller?

Get your Offer Accepted

With so many home for sale receiving multiple offers, you may have experienced as a home buyer not having the home seller accept your offer.Come Fly With Gena and Get Your Offer Accepted  Below are key areas to focus on to get your offer accepted. First of all this is a Home Sellers real estate market. Since inventory is extremely low and there are more home buyers looking for a house than there are homes for sale, this makes for a Seller’s market. Now, with that said, let’s look at some things you might do to make your offer more attractive.

In A Seller’s Market, A Home Buyer’s Checklist

  • Is the Purchase Contract filled out correctly and completely?
  • Was the Lender PreApproval Letter attached to the Offer?
  • Did you include Proof of Funds?
  • Reduce or eliminate the inspection timeline

Extra Real Estate Tips to Get Seller to Accept Your Offer

There are a few other items that can help a home buyer’s offer look more attractive depending on the circumstances of the home seller.  It’s important for the home buyer’s agent to call the listing agent to find out if the seller needs additional time to move out or if the seller perhaps needs additional time to buy a replacement home. By being proactive and thoughtful of the seller this helps to get your offer accepted.

Real Estate Tip for Home Buyer Who Has Cash

Depending on the home buyer’s available cash will depend upon the extent of which the buyer can offer to pay additional seller closing costs as well as offering more than the appraised value for the home for sale and stipulating it on offer by removing the appraisal contingency.  There are a few other ways but I keep those for the home buyers I am working with so if you would like to get your offer accepted, you might want to give me a call and work with an experienced real estate agent.

Call the REALTOR®, Gena Riede

So, if you want an experienced REALTOR® working on your behalf, just give me a call and let’s talk.  Yes, that means you home seller and home buyers in:

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