5 Real Estate Tips On Hiring a REALTOR®

Do you want to sell your house?  Wonder what you need to know before you hire a REALTOR® to sell your house? Here are 5 essential real estate tips for home sellers on hiring a REALTOR®.

Here are the 5 Essential Tips When Hiring a Sacramento REALTOR®

  1. Home sellers should Google the listing agent’s name. Does the real estate agent have a good presence on the Internet? The more your real estate agent is on Google, the more your house will be found by a future home buyer. And of course always check agent’s real estate license to make sure they are an agent in good standing.
  2. The next thing that is very important for home sellers is to call, email and text your future real estate agent. Did the REALTOR® reply in a timely fashion? This is important. I can’t tell you how many times when I am representing a home buyer and try to contact the seller’s agent, there is a black hole of no response. As a seller you don’t want someone to represent you that is not working on your behalf and communicating with other agents and home buyers.
  3. Having a full time real estate agent is essential. Real Estate is not a part-time job. As a home seller you want someone who works full time as a REALTOR®, knows the contract inside and out and can work on selling your house not on their schedule of left over time but anytime during the day.
  4. Can’t believe I really have to list this next point but I am seeing out of the area real estate agents listing houses over 30 miles away from where they do business and live. Not only is this bad for you since an out of the area agent does not have a clue as to any of the local disclosures but also isn’t aware of how to price your home correctly. Real Estate is local and over 30 miles away is NOT local.
  5. Honesty is the next element that is essential for a home seller. Does the real estate agent tell you what you want to hear or do they give you the information and back-up material you need in order to arrive at the best possible price for your home? Yes, there are some agents who will tell you what you want to hear, not so they can actually sell your house but merely put a sign up and get home buyer calls in order to get business.  Don’t be fooled and more importantly don’t get hurt by this huge real estate mistake.

If you are ready for a top-notch Sacramento real estate REALTOR® give me a call and let’s talk about listing your home for sale.

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